Belgian Coticule Whetstone [200 x 60 mm]

  • Stone Size: 200mm x 60mm, thickness: approx. 18mm
  • 100% Handmade
  • Made in Belgium
  • This pack comes with a Belgian Coticule Whetstone, wooden box and slurry stone.

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The surface of the Coticule contains not only colour variations but also black lines and/or specks. Miniscule hairline cracks can occur in the stratification of the Coticule, visible along the edge of the whetstone. The whetting properties are unaffected by these factors.


The surface of the Coticule contains, apart from possible colour variations, no blemishes at all or only a tiny number, such as black lines or specks. Once again, this has no influence on the sharpening properties.



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